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Image by Aneta Voborilova

Discover Sweet Delights in Pikesville MD

Welcome to The Queen Bakery, Where Every Confection is a Work of Art

Experience the Essence of The Queen Bakery in Pikesville, MD

Indulge in a world of delectable flavors and irresistible aromas as you explore The Queen Bakery's presence in Pikesville. Discover our commitment to crafting homemade wonders and embracing culinary traditions.

red velvet cake

Crafting Sweet Memories in Pikesville, MD

At The Queen Bakery, we're not just baking; we're crafting cherished memories with every treat. Our journey began with a passion for homemade delights and a dedication to spreading joy through each creation. From our kitchen to your table, we infuse every confection with the essence and warmth of Pikesville.

Savor a diverse array of flavors that reflect the heart and soul of Pikesville at The Queen Bakery. From classic favorites to innovative delights, each offering celebrates our community and culinary heritage.

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