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Image by Aneta Voborilova

Cakes and Mediterranean Pastries in Randallstown, MD

Welcome to The Queen Bakery, Where Every Bite Tells a Story

Experience the Flavorful Journey of The Queen Bakery in Randallstown, MD

Enjoy the taste and tradition of The Queen Bakery in Randallstown. Savor the finest homemade treats made with care and passion.

red velvet cake

Delicious Cakes & Pastries for Delivery in Randallstown, MD

The Queen Bakery is more than just a dessert shop; it’s a place where you can create sweet memories that last long after you finish eating your treat. We started with a passion for homemade goodies and a desire to spread happiness with every bite. We bring you the best of Randallstown’s warmth and flavor in every dessert we make.

Treat yourself to a variety of flavors that showcase the spirit and diversity of Randallstown at The Queen Bakery. Whether you prefer traditional cookies or adventurous pastries, you’ll find something to celebrate your community and culture.

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