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Step into the world of Basbousa, a delightful Middle Eastern dessert that embodies the perfect balance of sweetness, texture, and aromatic richness. Also known as Revani or Hareeseh in different regions, Basbousa is a semolina cake soaked in fragrant syrup, offering a sensory experience that's both unique and utterly irresistible.


  1. Semolina Magic: Basbousa's foundation lies in semolina, a coarse wheat flour that imparts a distinctive texture to the cake. The semolina gives Basbousa its characteristic crumbly yet moist consistency.

  2. Nutty Goodness: Almonds or desiccated coconut are often incorporated into the batter, providing a delightful nuttiness and adding to the cake's overall texture.

  3. Dairy Elegance: Butter or ghee contributes richness, while yogurt or milk lends a moist and tender quality to the Basbousa.

  4. Sweet Symphony: Basbousa is sweetened with sugar and enlivened with the aromatic essence of rose or orange blossom water, giving it a unique Middle Eastern flavor profile.

  5. Leavening Agent: Baking powder is used to give the cake its light and airy texture, ensuring each bite is a perfect balance of softness and crumble.

  6. Syrupy Elevation: A fragrant syrup, often made with sugar, water, and a hint of lemon juice, is generously poured over the warm Basbousa after baking. This step infuses the cake with sweetness, moisture, and an irresistible aromatic kick.

What Makes Basbousa Unique:

Basbousa's charm lies in its ability to be both rustic and refined. The coarse semolina creates a crumbly texture, while the syrup transforms each bite into a luscious, sweet experience. The infusion of rose or orange blossom water adds a floral note that sets Basbousa apart from other desserts.

Ideas for Enjoying Basbousa:

  1. Tea-Time Treat: Savor Basbousa with a cup of fragrant tea or Arabic coffee. The combination of the cake's sweetness with the warmth of the beverage makes for a cozy and delightful pairing.

  2. Dessert Delight: Serve Basbousa as the star of your dessert table at family gatherings or celebrations. Its unique flavor and presentation make it a memorable finale.

  3. Festive Feast: Include Basbousa in your holiday festivities, offering a sweet and symbolic treat that represents the richness of Middle Eastern culinary traditions.

  4. Brunch Brilliance: Elevate your brunch spread by incorporating Basbousa into the menu. Its not-too-sweet nature makes it a perfect morning indulgence.

  5. Gifts from the Heart: Share the love by gifting individual servings of Basbousa, elegantly packaged, for birthdays, weddings, or as a gesture of appreciation.

Basbousa, with its exquisite blend of textures and flavors, invites you to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the artistry of Middle Eastern desserts. Its simplicity and sophistication make it a beloved treat for any occasion. Basbousa is Main dessert on the table during the celebration of Ramadan in the Middle East.

Nowadays it can come in a modern look, like topping it with Nutella or Biscoff cream, but however the way you want to top it, you will definitely enjoy it very much.

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